Kate Carney is the UK's most straight-talking and success-focused Entrepreneur & Marketing Consultant here to help you and your business thrive...

I’ve been there, struggling to stand out in a competitive market. Not knowing what makes you special, how to share your story and turn those likes into loves and loves into sales. You’re getting some attention, but it’s not enough! Your have the potential to be bigger, better and happier with your success. 

Through my flagship Marketing MasterWhip programme I help business owners understand how to connect to their why and use what makes them special to standout and sell. My programme teaches you the nuts and bolts plus gives you the ideas, inspiration and hand-holding support you need to turn your ideas into successful products and packages. 

Award-winning entrepreneur Kate Carney is a successful business owner and Marketing Consultant with over 14 years experience in helping business owners standout and sell.

Let's do it together...

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The famous ‘Mr Whippy’s and ‘Marketing Chunks’ give you hand-held help mixed with ideas and inspiration to get your going or stick with you and support you all the way.

Marketing MasterWhip Programme

My flagship marketing programme for small business owners looking to thrive in their space, standout, sell and build growing business.

Join the Conversation

Marketing S.O.S – Stand Out & Sell is a Facebook private group for Business owners & side hustlers looking for free advice and to be part of a community of business owners in it together!

Network with Kate

Connect with Kate Carney on LinkedIn to expand your networking and marketing potential.

The Scoop

Kate loves sharing her thoughts, insights and ideas about marketing in our very own blog.

A FREE 15min Call

No sales BS. Just a good chance to talk about anything you want that’s marketing-related and helps you get your business headed in the right direction.

  • I’ve just finished my first Mr Whippy session with Kate and I’m so excited now to get going on what we discussed. Kate’s energy and creativity are amazing, I suspect I’ll be back for another session again soon 🤩 Thanks Kate x

    Anita McKenna

  • “Kate is a strategic thinking analyst who gets to grips with sometimes complex issues and identifies clear priorities to enable solutions to be found. Her style is collaborative and thoroughly professional and over the years I have known her Kate is also great fun to work with. Thank you Kate for all your reasoned logic.”

    Ruth Exelby

    New Entrepreneur
  • Just come off a call with Kate and feel incredibly excited!! I posed my problem to her and she was able to assess what directions I could take, offering me inspiring advice and get me excited about my future. She has a lovely, patient way of opening up an idea I would never have seen! I am off to learn what are my hearts desires – Thank you Kate 💕

    Genevieve Davidson

    SHS UK
2 weeks ago
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Happy 10yr wedding anniversary to us - isn’t my husband handsome? #wedding #anniversary #iceland

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Not loving the phrase “like minded”

The folk in my group aren’t like minded. They have aligned ambition or intent, or the same vibe, but not sure they’re “like minded”.

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If you had to only ever talk about one thing on social media... talk about your customers' problem and how you solve it.

2 weeks ago

⭐️Do you want to be an entrepreneur?⭐️

Have you got an idea or product you want to share with the world?

Do you want to make your mark, have an impact and grow your own business?

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Waaaay too many coaches & consultants using the word “transform” and “transformation” at the moment.

Helping me to realise how rubbish my life is and how they can help me transform it. ... See more

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Breathe in, reflect, breathe out freaking focused 💕

2 weeks ago

Finally recorded my episode 4 for my “what would kate do?” Podcast!

It’s all about growing your Facebook group 🙌

2 weeks ago

1000 members & 7-day lives challenge

2 weeks ago
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How have I only just seen this comment 🤷‍♀️😍 #startupbiz #smallbusiness #marketing

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