Kate Carney

Award-Winning Strategic Marketing Consultant for SME's & Start-Up's.

Kate Carney accepting her EVA Award for YouinMind.org

Meet kate!

Award-winning entrepreneur Kate Carney is a Marketing Consultant in Cheshire with over 14 years experience across Marketing, Sales, Customer Experience and Innovation. Kate helps SME’s & start up business owners grow their business through straight talking, no bullshit, results driven marketing advice, guidance and support packages. After just 60min with Kate you’ll have deep insight into the answer to the questions below (& more) and leave with clarity, confidence and a focus you didn’t have earlier!
  • How do I increase sales?
  • Who is my ideal customer?
  • What is special about me & my business?
  • How much ‘marketing’ should I be doing?
  • Am I doing ‘it’ right?
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Sweet Marketing support

Need to nail your marketing messages?

Know something isn’t working?

Ready to push on to the next stage and commit to growing your business?

Whether you’re pre-start, start up or more established, advice and guidance from Kate is like having a Marketing Director at the end of the phone!

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Book a free 15-min call with Kate to see how she can help. No sales-y BS just a chat!

A one-hour Skype call with Kate for £99. Very much wham, bam, thank you mam. Intense, engaging and jam-packed with value. Perfect if you fancy that extra, creative, customer-focused business bod to chat things through with.

Most clients want Kate’s experience & expertise, but so she knows she is helping you to differentiate yourself, Kate needs to know what you, your competitors and the market are up to!

With this package Kate spends 3 hours researching around your business, competitors and market. Getting the juicy insight and bubbling it into ideas.

Then the other few hours are spent with you on Skype or face to face turning this insight into ideas, marketing strategies & plans that are going to help you work towards that objective or vision.

If you’re about to launch a new business, service, product or need a fresh pair of eyes to help you make decisions, this is perfect.

P.S. Kate doesn’t take on two competing clients in the same space at the same time, wouldn’t be fair, it’s first come, first served!

£450 + VAT

So you’ve had the warm up and now you really need a driving force to push you, pull you and challenge you.

Cue a strategy day! Ready for the sugar rush?

A day with you and your colleagues / business partner to ask and answer the big questions, change direction and figure out how you’re really going to attract, engage and retain your customers.

£450 + VAT

In her own words

“If it’s awesome I’ll tell you, and if it’s crap, I’ll tell you that too. I’m straight talking. No one has time to mess around. I don’t pretend it’s OK or say it’ll work If I know it won’t.

“I don’t want clients wasting time or money, so I focus on what the business needs and how it can fly. Even if that means some uncomfortable conversations.

With me you can expect to feel challenged, excited, driven and a bit scared about what’s to come for your business. But i’m with you all the way.

“The point is, we get there, together, it’s positive and productive and that’s what my clients and their businesses need.”

Anita McKenna, Therapist

"I’ve just finished my first Mr Whippy session with Kate and I’m so excited now to get going on what we discussed. Kate’s energy and creativity are amazing, I suspect I’ll be back for another session again soon 🤩 Thanks Kate x

Ruth Exelby, New Entrepreneur

"Kate is a strategic thinking analyst who gets to grips with sometimes complex issues and identifies clear priorities to enable solutions to be found. Her style is collaborative and thoroughly professional and over the years I have known her Kate is also great fun to work with. Thank you Kate for all your reasoned logic."

Genevieve Davidson, SWS UK

"Just come off a call with Kate and feel incredibly excited!! I posed my problem to her and she was able to assess what directions I could take, offering me inspiring advice and get me excited about my future. She has a lovely, patient way of opening up an idea I would never have seen! I am off to learn what are my hearts desires - Thank you Kate 💕"

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