Working With Me...

Coach, Teach & Do...

Kate will show you what you need to do and help you make the changes for your business to grow & improve sales!

MasterWhip & Strategy...

What are you trying to achieve? Let’s build a strategy to make it happen.

Coach, Teach & Do...

Market Research

How to avoid the ‘special snowflake’ feeling!! 

Market Research – what to do, how & when to do it specifically for your business. Applies to ANY challenge and audience can cover focus groups, interviews, desk research, test & learn, surveys etc. 

Marketing Plan

Your marketing plan keeps you on track! 

So you know what you’re going to send, to who and when. Whether it’s social media, sending emails, outbound phone calls or writing your blogs – together we make a plan that ties it all together and has an impact.

Social Media Content

Let’s stop you feeling like a frickin’ idiot wondering WTF do I put on facebook?? 

How to create a social media content plan – what should go in it and how to execute it. 

Build a Brand

In this 60 minutes, we talk logos, colours, designs and ideas. 

Whether you’ve already got a brand and you’re looking to change/develop it – or you’re starting from scratch and need a name, logo etc. 

Ideal Target Customer

Who are they, how to reach them and what to say? 

Who will buy my wonderful products? (I’m singing like the film Oliver, anyone seen it?! No…OK) How to identify, connect, engage and sell to your ideal target customer (ICES) 


Key messages are the things most important to you that you want to share with your audiences. 

Together we will create or review your messaging to make sure you’re sharing the right stuff with the right people, at the right time!


How do you know what’s working?

 What’s having an impact and what to stop? Together we can create a framework to measure your action and impact, or review that you’re already doing.

Website Audit

Let’s look at your website, what needs to change & ideas to improve? 

Consistency is KEY!!! A review of your brand and marketing activity in light of your business and what you’re trying to achieve plus advice on what to do differently. 

Not sure where to start?


Then a Mr Whippy is just what you need!

A 60-min 121 with Kate Carney perfect for small businesses & start ups to get to grips with your marketing and set you in the right direction.

Product & Packages

Create / Review packages for your business to make it easier to sell. 

How to create products & packages for your customers. 


Ah my favourite thing! 

Helping your marketing efforts land with your customers and turn into sales. Let’s review how you currently “close the sale”, your style and tops & tricks to make the process easy peasy for you and your customers.

Still confused


Fancy a FREE 15mins call to get you started?

No sales BS. Just a good chance to talk about anything you want that’s marketing-related and helps you get your business headed in the right direction.

MasterWhip & Strategy Sessions

Free Challenge

This free 5-day challenge helps business owners stand out and sell stuff. 

Delivered in our private facebook group, the challenge takes you through knowing your ideal customer, what makes you special, creating products and packages and nailing your key messages.

Mr Whippy

For start ups, side hustlers and small businesses who need an injection of ideas or an extra pair of eyes with an opinion!

A 60-min, 121 session with Kate.

Very much wham, bam, thank you ma’am. Intense, engaging and jam-packed with value.

We cover… what makes you special, ideal customer & products / packages.



The Flagship MasterWhip Marketing Programme

Created for businesses who want to launch something new and push themselves out into the world, you can start this 5-week marketing programme anytime. Ran in a closed, private Facebook group with 24/7 support form me and my team you’ll build a marketing strategy, landing pages, sales funnels and more to make an impact and attract, engage and retain your ideal customers!