Working Together...

Whippy, Marketing Chunks & MasterWhip...

A 60-min, 121 session with Kate – £99.

Very much wham, bam, thank you ma’am. Intense, engaging and jam-packed with value.

We cover… what makes you special, ideal customer & products / packages.


How to boost sales

A lead magnet is a freebie giveaway you give to your customers in exchange for their contact details. Together we can identify and create your Lead Magnet and explore how to use it to help your business.

Marketing Plan

Your marketing plan keeps you on track! 

So you know what you’re going to send, to who and when. Whether it’s social media, sending emails, outbound phone calls or writing your blogs – together we make a plan that ties it all together and has an impact.

Social Media Content

Let’s stop you feeling like a frickin’ idiot wondering WTF do I put on facebook?? 

How to create a social media content plan – what should go in it and how to execute it. 

Ideal Target Customer

Who are they, how to reach them and what to say? 

Who will buy my wonderful products? (I’m singing like the film Oliver, anyone seen it?! No…OK) How to identify, connect, engage and sell to your ideal target customer (ICES) 

Build a Brand

In this 60 minutes, we talk logos, colours, designs and ideas. 

Whether you’ve already got a brand and you’re looking to change/develop it – or you’re starting from scratch and need a name, logo etc. 

Products & Packages

Create / Review packages for your business to make it easier to sell. 

How to create products & packages for your customers. 


Website Audit

Let’s look at your existing or build a new website, what needs to change & ideas to improve? 

Working with my web partner we shape your structure and content and decide how we can bring it to life online!

Smashing Sales

Ah my favourite thing! 

Helping your marketing efforts land with your customers and turn into sales. Let’s review how you currently “close the sale”, your style and tops & tricks to make the process easy peasy for you and your customers.

Marketing MasterWhip Programme

This 5-week full package course challenges you, whilst helping you know what you need to be saying and doing to promote your business. We talk about customers, branding, messaging, social media & marketing plans and more. It’s not easy, but it’s bloody brilliant and you’ll love the programme and the impact it has on you and your business! 

Ran in a closed, private Facebook group with 24/7 support form me and my team you’ll build a marketing strategy, landing pages, sales funnels and more to make an impact and attract, engage and retain your ideal customers!  

We'll do it for you... Ready-made Scoop

This all inclusive programme is for you if you need to push your product out there to your target market but haven’t got the time to complete the MasterWhip programme yourself. 

Here Kate and her team will do it all for you!

When this package is complete, after 6 weeks, you’ll have a fully branded lead magnet (pdf), landing page, social media plan, 4-week marketing plan, all emails written and scheduled to send. 

This ready made full scoop package includes:

  • 1 x Mr Whippy planning session
  • Lead Magnet ideas, inspiration & creation (pdf)
  • All copywriting of your messages (landing page & 6 email sequence)
  • 2-week social media plan for launch – Facebook, LinkedIn & Instagram inc basic profile & page set up where required
  • Lead Magnet landing page & ‘Thank you’ page set up using Lead Pages*
  • Email automation set up, integration to Lead Pages sequence planning & set up (Mailchimp or Active Campaign*)
  • 4-week marketing plan for launch

£2350 (payment plan option available)

Optional extra for logo design + £400

Please note this package requires you to have an Active Campaign & Lead Pages account – both which have additional costs.