Kick-Ass Partners I Trust...

Squiggle Graphics

George and Natasha at Squiggle Graphics have been my go-to designers for all things web and print for the past 5 years. Despite being based in Somerset, 100s of miles from me in Cheshire, we have a very close working relationship, trust each others judgement 100% and work together on rebrands, web design and all imagery and branding for print.

Pepper Social

Lynda runs Pepper Social and it my social media guru. From Facebook adverts to Twitter management, Instagram, Pinterest and everything else, Lynda runs my social media feeds for me and my clients. I’l trust Lynda to work with you on your Social Media strategy and execution 24/7. 


The queen of keeping me organised. Carla is a Virtual PA, the best, Virtual PA I would say. Bookkeeping, business & life admin, Carla seems to thrive on it (weird I know!). She is easy to talk to, easy to work with, quick, productive and I trust her! 

HR Dynamics

If you’re a growing business and you’re taking on staff, or even just working with Associates, Natalie answers all of your HR queries. Natalie runs a HR Hub for small businesses. As you’d expect from all my partners – super helpful, gives loads of value and a dream to work with! 

Katie 'Sales' Colella

Sales Funnels are incredibly powerful tools to help you convert enquiries into leads and leads into sales. From developing a ‘lead magnet’ through to landing pages and Facebook adverts, Katie Colella is the queen of making this happen.  

Lynne Horton

Driving the right traffic to your website through Search Engine Optimisation, is a skill. Knowing your keywords, competitor activity, all the techy back-end stuff and how it links to Google can be hard work. I leave it all to Lynne. Lynne Horton looks after my clients SEO and helps me with my own.